Let your heart tell the story


Gwenda and Heather were warm, kind, knowledgeable and supportive during class and available for questions after. They were exactly what I needed. The class isn’t therapy but it’s therapeutic. I was able to work through and process a lot of emotions I had about losing my dad and have since then been able to work through some feelings of anger, guilt, shame and sadness in other relationships and have felt tremendous healing and forgiveness for others and myself. I feel like I was carrying a big heavy jagged rock that was really painful and weighing me down. And now I still have a rock without so many sharp edge, that’s not perfect and sometimes heavy when I’m tired but I can manage the thoughts and memories without so much pain. It’s been remarkable how much relief I feel. I didn’t expect it to work this well honestly. What surprised me the most was how I was able to clear out other relationships that I thought were “fine” but I had unresolved emotional from. I feel much lighter. It was life changing!

Group Participant

December 2022

Before the course, what I saw mostly was the loss, gaping void of what was no longer there, the betrayal, the abandonment, the wrongness of it all, and my own victimhood. There was so much evidence of it always in front of me, all the time. The triggers were ever present and I at their mercy!

Through the course, I found many valuable insights:

1) forgiveness for myself as well as the other person(s) evidence of all the love and goodness that was ALSO present in my relationship with the person(s) in question, even if it was in the past

2) a chance to finally communicate so much that had been left unspoken between me and the other person(s)

All this helped heal my pain at a level I haven't experienced before! It's not that the pain doesn't come up anymore, however it doesn't feel as raw, as gripping as it used to be.

I have found ways to soothe and console myself in more meaningful, love-focused ways. It has helped me get unstuck in many areas of my life. It's still a process, but the progress I have felt and others have commented on is remarkable. I am very grateful to have found this program.

One on One Participant

October 2022

This program was the most awakening and life changing experience I’ve ever had, I’m so grateful to Gwenda for bringing this program to my attention and offering to help guide me through my long struggle with grief also for being such an amazing help guiding me through this healing journey. I will take what I’ve learn with this program and apply to many aspects of my life. I highly recommend it to anyone dealing with any sort of grief. Thank youuuuuuuuuuu so much Gwenda, you have truly changed my life!!!

Group Participant

April 2022

My mission is to normalize the conversation around loss, grief, death and dying.