Let your heart tell the story

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Gwenda Lambert

Grief Recovery Specialist

NLP Coach Practitioner

Certified Grief and Trauma informed Coach

Intuitive Tarot

Inspirational Speaker

Services Available

Intuitive Coaching using Tarot and astrology. Set up your session by clicking here.

Connection series starts with a free webinar.

Additional sessions are available in a group format.

Grief Support and coaching available upon request. This will be tailored to you as we identify your needs, meeting you where you are. Click here to set up a free call.

To learn more about the Grief Recovery Program visit my GRM page.

Gwenda’s books are available here:

Now, I sing again a journey through loss of safety, trust and how to she got back to herself

Wrestling with the Urn embraces the end of life journey with humour and grace

Intuitive Tarot Coaching

Combining Tarot, Oracle and coaching practices to set steps to self knowledge or a set of sessions to accomplish a goal.

My mission is to normalize the conversation around loss, grief, death and dying.